Author: Sheng, A.
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MOPPR050 Design and Analysis of EPU XBPM in TPS 894
  • A. Sheng, C.M. Cheng, C.K. Kuan
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • D. Shu
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  Several planer and elliptical polarized undulators (EPU) beam lines have been proposed and are to be built for Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) in National Synchrotron Research Center (NSRRC). Due to its complexity, with changing of vertical as well as horizontal deflection parameters (Kx and Ky), one finds that regular diamond bladed photon beam position monitor (XBPM) would not be sufficient to detect the center location of the undulator. A new conceptual design of EPU XBPM has been analyzed both in thermal as well as photon aspects. A prototype by taking advantage of fluorescent some of the diamond detectors has been designed and implemented in Taiwan Light Source (TLS) for testing. Some analysis and design scenarios are presented in this paper.