Author: Secondo, R.
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WEPPP076 Analysis of Numerical Noise in Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Single-Bunch Transverse Instabilities and Feedback in the CERN SPS 2888
  • R. Secondo, J.-L. Vay, M. Venturini
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported by the US-DOE and the US-LHC Accelerator Research Program LARP under Contract DE-AC02-05CH11231. Used resources of NERSC and the Lawrencium cluster at LBNL
The operation at high current of the SPS at CERN is limited by transverse Single-Bunch instabilities generated by the effect of electron clouds. A model of a high bandwidth feedback control system has been implemented in the macro-particle code WARP to study bunch dynamics and identify system requirements for the efficient damping of single-bunch transverse instability. We analyze the effect of numerical noise and choice of simulation parameters on the modeling of beam dynamics, focusing in particular on the investigation of the feedback system requirements of minimum power to damp the instability and frequency bandwidth given a fixed gain. We report on simulation results and discuss the plans for the future improvements of the feedback model.