Author: Schwartz, J.
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THPPD041 Evaluation and Implementation of High Performance Real-Time Signal Processing For Rayleigh Scattering Based Quench Detection for High Field Superconducting Magnets 3602
  • G. Flanagan, R.P. Johnson
    Muons, Inc, Batavia, USA
  • W.K. Chan, J. Schwartz
    North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  • Q. Ruan, D. Schmidt, L. Wenzel, C. Wimmer
    National Instruments, Austin, USA
  Funding: Supported in part by SBIR Grant 4747 · 11SC06251
YBCO coated conductors are one of the primary options for generating the high magnetic fields needed for future high energy physics devices. Due to slow quench propagation, quench detection remains one of the primary limitations to YBCO magnets. Fiber optic sensing, based upon Rayleigh scattering, has the potential for quench detection with high spatial resolution. This paper discusses the potential of multicore CPU's and FPGA’s to accelerate the signal processing demands associated with Rayleigh scattering based quench detection systems in a real-time environment.