Author: Saeki, R.
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THPPP070 Comparison of the Residual Doses Before and After Resumption of User Operation in J-PARC RCS 3901
  • K. Yamamoto, H. Harada, S. Hatakeyama, N. Hayashi, H. Hotchi, M. Kinsho, R. Saeki, P.K. Saha, M. Yoshimoto
    JAEA/J-PARC, Tokai-Mura, Naka-Gun, Ibaraki-Ken, Japan
  J-PARC Facilities were damaged by East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, but All Facirities resumed a beam operation from December 2012. In this paper, we report and compare the beam loss distribution and the residual doses before and after resumption of user operation in J-PARC RCS.