Author: Penel, C.
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THPPD001 Stretched-wire Measurements of Small Bore Multipole Magnets 3500
  • G. Lebec, J. Chavanne, C. Penel
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
  Stretched-wire (SW) measurements of magnetic multipoles have been performed at radii ranging from 0.5 mm to 4 mm, with an accuracy of 10-3 of the main multipole component. Theoretical aspects of SW measurements were investigated. The processing of the measured signals is based on a least square approach, instead of the Fourier transform widely used for rotating coil measurements. It allows correcting numerically the position errors of the SW and designing SW trajectory which are not sensitive to the main multipole, as with “bucked” rotating coils. This SW measurement bench was developed for the characterization of new ESRF magnets. It has been tested first with large aperture multipole magnets. An accuracy of 10-4 has been obtained for a measurement radius of 30 mm. There is a demand in the magnetic measurement community for measuring small bore multipole magnets, with radius smaller than 5 mm. A small permanent magnet quadrupole was built in order to test the bench at small measurement radii.