Author: Paul, K.
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MOPPC046 End-to-End G4Beamline Simulation of an Inverse Cyclotron for Muon Cooling 238
  • T.L. Hart, T.H. Luo, D.J. Summers
    UMiss, University, Mississippi, USA
  • K. Paul
    Tech-X, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  An inverse cyclotron is a novel, intriguing idea for muon cooling necessary for proposed neutrino factories and muon colliders. We present the latest results of an end-to-end inverse cyclotron simulation that cools muons in the following sequence: single turn injection and initial cooling of 100 MeV kinetic energies to about 5 MeV with lithium hydrogen wedges; further substantial cooling to keV range kinetic energies and trapping with carbon foils and a rising electric field; and re-acceleration of the cooled, trapped muons back to 100 MeV. For neutrino factory and muon collider applications, the time of the entire cooling/trapping/re-acceleration process needs to be comparable to the muon lifetime so that decay losses are tolerable and the acceptance of the inverse cyclotron needs to be sufficiently large (on order 10 mm-rad normalized emittance). The latest progress toward these ends is presented.