Author: Olvegaard, M.     [Olvegård, M.]
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TUPPR031 Experimental Verification of the CLIC Decelerator with theTest Beam Line in the CLIC Test Facility 3 1885
  • R.L. Lillestøl, S. Döbert, M. Olvegård, A. Rabiller, G. Sterbini
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • E. Adli
    University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
  The Test Beam Line in the CLIC Test Facility 3 is the first prototype of the CLIC drive beam decelerator. The main purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate efficient 12 GHz rf power production and stable transport of an electron drive beam during deceleration. The Test Beam Line consists of a FODO structure with high precision BPMs and quadrupoles mounted on mechanical movers for precise beam alignment. Nine out of the planned 16 Power Extraction and Transfer Structures have currently been installed and commissioned. We correlate rf power production measurements with the drive beam deceleration measurements, and compare the two measurements to the theoretical predictions. We also discuss the impact of the drive beam bunch length and bunch combination on the measurements.