Author: Miracoli, R.
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TUPPC030 Status of the Ion Sources at ESS-Bilbao 1227
  • J. Feuchtwanger, I. Arredondo, F.J. Bermejo, I. Bustinduy, J. Corres, M. Eguiraun, P.J. González, J.L. Muñoz
    ESS Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain
  • V. Etxebarria, J. Jugo, J. Portilla
    University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bilbao, Spain
  • R. Miracoli
    ESS-Bilbao, Zamudio, Spain
  Currently there are two types of ion sources under development and testing at ESS-Bilbao, the first one is a Penning type source based on the ISIS/RAL source, modified to use permanent magnets to generate the Penning field. The second source is an off-resonance ECR source that is being developed in-house. The Penning source is in the late stages of commissioning, and a beam has been extracted from it. Currently the main work on that source is in the optimization of the operating parameters. The ECR source on the other hand is in the early stages of the commissioning, all parts have been fabricated, and Vacuum tests are underway. Testing of the RF and control systems will follow, and finally the whole system will be tested. The control system for both ion sources was developed under LabView, and runs on a real time system. While for testing the timing sequences run locally, the system is being developed so that it can run using a central timing system.