Author: Mehler, M.
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WEPPR003 Longitudinal Dynamics of Intense Heavy-Ion Bunches in SIS-100 2937
  • M. Mehler, O. Boine-Frankenheim, O. Chorniy, O.K. Kester
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  In the SIS-100 highest heavy-ion intensities have to be accelerated to deliver beam to the FAIR experiments. In the projected SIS-100 synchrotron the heavy ion bunches will be strongly affected by the longitudinal space charge force. Due to the limited RF bucket area all mechanisms which might cause longitudinal phase space dilution must be understood and controlled. Space charge effects, like the reduction in the RF voltage and the loss of Landau damping, have already been part of elaborate studies. It has been shown that cavity beam loading can deform the flattened bunch shape in the dual rf bucket. Among the different counter measures an inductive insert has been proposed in order to partially compensate the longitudinal space charge impedance. Optimized settings for the difference between the two rf phases in a dual rf bucket might be an option to reduce the effect of beam loading. In this contribution we will analyse the matched bunch distribution for SIS-100 parameters in single and dual rf buckets. Analytical and numerical studies of the interplay of longitudinal space charge, cavity beam loading and an inductive insert will be presented.