Author: Lin, K.-B.
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THPPD064 The Compensator Design of the Fully Digital Controlled Corrector Magnet Power Converter by Using LabView as the Development Tools 3659
  • B.S. Wang, J.C. Huang, K.-B. Lin
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The auto-tuning of PI-compensator for power converter is fulfilled by using the LabVIEW. The current error signals of the power converter with different PI compensating parameters are transferred by RS-232 or Ethernet communication interface from DSP card into LabVIEW and FFT analysis are calculated. The FFT analysis are stored in the batch file for further numerical analysis and the parameters with the best response is recognized which will be set as the default PI parameters. In addition, the feasibility and validity of auto-tuning theorem was verified by measuring the long-term stability of output current and during the long-term measuring period the stability and ripple current of the power converter are observed. In this thesis, the fully digital regulation controlled corrector magnet power converter with a shunt as the current sensing component was used as the developing platform. The auto-tuning theorem was realized and applied to the compensator of the power converter, and the best output current response of the power converter was fulfilled.