Author: Li, Y.M.
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THPPR005 The Preliminary Test of a Digital Control System Based on the FPGA for a PEFP 120-keV RF Cavity 3975
  • Y.M. Li, S. Cha
    UST, Daejeon City, Republic of Korea
  • Y.-S. Cho, J.-H. Jang, H.S. Kim, H.-J. Kwon, Y.M. Li, K.T. Seol, Y.-G. Song
    KAERI, Daejon, Republic of Korea
  Funding: Proton Engineering Frontier Project, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Korea.
PEFP developed a 120-keV RF cavity for their ion implantation applications. Due to ambient disturbances, the cavity’s resonance frequency may vary in long-term test. We designed a digital control system to change the frequency of the RF sources for tracking the cavity’s frequency variations. The digital control system has functions such as, phase shift, phase comparison, proportional-integral compensation, waveform generation and frequency/pulse modulation, and driving signal generator. Most of them are implemented digitally in a Virtex II 4000 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). In this research we show the design and the preliminary test results of the digital control system.
* Work supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology