Author: Lang, S.
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THEPPB015 Examples for 3D CAD Models at the European XFEL 3266
  • L. Hagge, J. Kreutzkamp, S. Lang, S. Sühl, N. Welle
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  This presentation analyses usage and benefits of 3D models in the planning and design of the European XFEL. 3D models are used in planning, design and integration activities, and they range from detailed models of individual accelerator components up to an integration model of the entire facility. Through DESY’s Engineering Data Management System, all members of the project have interactive access to all the models. Because of this general availability, the models are widely used and well-accepted as communication tools. They support vision sharing, and they help discovering and resolving design issues early (e. g. clashes). The presentation explains the modeling technique and shows (animated) examples of model usage. It also includes an animated virtual tour of the entire XFEL facility, entering at the injector complex and emerging in the experiment hall.