Author: Kumbaro, D.
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TUPPD065 An Electron Gun Test Stand to Prepare for the MAX IV Project 1551
  • S. Werin, E. Elafifi, M. Eriksson, D. Kumbaro, F. Lindau, S. Thorin
    MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden
  • E. Mansten
    Lund University, Division of Atomic Physics, Lund, Sweden
  The MAX IV facility, currently under construction, will include a 3 GeV linac injector with two RF guns providing beams for the two operations modes: ring injection and the Short Pulse Facility. The ring injection will be done by a thermionic 3 GHz RF gun developing from the current MAX-lab RF gun. The SPF gun will be a laser driven photo cathode 3 GHz RF gun based on the 1.6 cell BNL/SLAC type. The guns will be operated with short (0.7 us) RF pulses from a SLED system. A test stand to fine tune the operation of the two different systems has been assembled at the MAX IV laboratory (former MAX-lab). The experience in RF commissioning and initial measurements of energy, charge and quantum efficiency will be reported and the extension of the test stand for full emittance characterization will be outlined.