Author: Kawata, H.
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MOPPP018 Construction Status of the Compact ERL 607
  • S. Sakanaka, H. Kawata, Y. Kobayashi, N. Nakamura
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • R. Hajima
    JAEA, Ibaraki-ken, Japan
  Future synchrotron light source based on a 3-GeV energy recovery linac (ERL) is under proposal at KEK, and we are conducting extensive R&D efforts. To demonstrate reliable operations of key components for the ERL project, as well as to demonstrate the generation of ultra-low emittance beams, we are constructing the Compact ERL (cERL). The cERL will also be used to demonstrate the generation of brilliant gamma-rays that is useful for analyzing radioisotopes. Key components, such as a photocathode DC gun, both cryomodules for the injector and the main linac, rf sources, magnets, and beam instrumentations, are under fabrication. Construction of radiation shielding for the cERL started in December, 2011. We report up-to-date status of the cERL.