Author: Kapshtan, D.Y.
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WEPPP024 Cherenkov Radiation from a Small Bunch Moving in a Cold Magnetized Plasma 2775
  • S.N. Galyamin, D.Y. Kapshtan, A.V. Tyukhtin
    Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  Funding: Saint Petersburg State University.
Investigation of the bunch radiation in plasma is important for the plasma wakefield acceleration (PWFA) technique and other applications in accelerator physics. We study the electromagnetic field of small relativistic bunch moving in a magnetized cold plasma along the magnetic field. The energy loss of the bunch was investigated earlier, however the structure of electromagnetic field was not analyzed. We perform analytical and numerical investigation of total field. Different equivalent representations for the field components are obtained. One of them allows separating quasistatic field and radiation one. Method of computation is developed as well. Some interesting physical effects are described. One of them is strong increase of some components of radiation field near the charge motion line (in the case of point charge). The case of a charged disc is considered as well. Prospects of use of obtained results for PWFA are discussed.