Author: Holek, J.V.
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MOPPR003 Beam Diagnostic Systems for the TRIUMF e-linac 777
  • J.M. Abernathy, D. Karlen, M.O. Pfleger, P.R. Poffenberger, D.W. Storey
    Victoria University, Victoria, B.C., Canada
  • F. Ames, P.S. Birney, D.P. Cameron, J.V. Holek, S.Y. Kajioka, S. Kellogg, M. Lenckowski, M. Minato, W.R. Rawnsley, J.E. Richards, V.A. Verzilov
    TRIUMF, Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Vancouver, Canada
  Funding: NSERC, CFI, BCKDF.
The TRIUMF electron linac will include a suite of diagnostics systems, including current, beam position, and beam profile monitors. This talk will present an overview of the diagnostic systems and give details about the view screen system, having both scintillator and OTR foils. Results from tests with the prototype low energy beam transport system will be shown. Diagnostic systems are particularly challenging for the e-linac due to the 500 kW beam power envisaged, with beam currents up to 10 mA at 50 MeV.