Author: Hoa, C.
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THPPR037 Estimation of Thresholds for the Signals of the BLMs around the LHC Final Focus Triplet Magnets 4053
  • M. Sapinski, F. Cerutti, B. Dehning, A. Ferrari, A. Lechner, M. Mauri, A. Mereghetti
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • C. Hoa
    CEA-CENG, Grenoble, France
  The Interaction Points of the Large Hadron Collider are the regions where the two circulating beams collide. Hence, the magnets the closest to any Interaction Point are exposed to an elevated radiation field due to the collision debris. In this study the signal in the Beam Loss Monitors due to the debris is estimated and compared with the measurements. In addition, the energy density in the coils and the signal in the Beam Loss Monitors at quench are estimated for various beam loss scenarios. It is shown that the Beam Loss Monitors, as presently installed on the outside of the vacuum vessel of the magnets, cannot disentangle the signals due to a localised halo loss from that of the constant signal due to the collision debris.