Author: Fiscarelli, L.
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THPPD030 Characterization of a Measurement System for Dynamic Effects in Large-aperture SC Quadrupole Magnets 3569
  • S. Russenschuck, M. Bajko, M.C.L. Buzio, G. Deferne, O. Dunkel, L. Fiscarelli, D. Giloteaux, L. Walckiers
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  A new measurement system, based on a large-diameter search-coil rotating in the superfluid helium, a fast digital integrator, a motor drive unit with sliprings, and a flexible software environment was devolped at CERN for the measurement of dynamic effects in superconducting magnets*. This system has made it possible the measure, with a resolution of up to 8 Hz, the multipole field errors due to superconductor magnetization and interstrand coupling currents. In the paper we will present the development and calibration of the measurement system, its installation in the vertical cryostat of CERN's recently refurbished test station, and its application to the US-LARP** built, 120-mm-aperture Nb3Sn quadrupole magnet (HQ) for the upgrade of the LHC insertion regions.
* P. Arpaia et al. Active Comp. of Field Errors within ± 2 PPM in SC Magnets, NIM A, 2011
** H. Felice et al. Design of HQ, a High Field Large Bore Nb3Sn Quad. Magnet for LARP, IEEE TAS, 2009