Author: Di Rosa, M.D.
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TUPPC050 Beam Transport and Storage with Cold Neutral Atoms and Molecules 1281
  • P.L. Walstrom, M.D. Di Rosa
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  Funding: US Department of Energy
Paramagnetic neutral atoms and molecules are subject to magnetic-field-gradient forces on their magnetic moments. Li atoms and CaH molecules both have an effective magnetic moment of about one Bohr magneton, and in the presence of a strong (~1 T) magnetic field, acquire a Zeeman energy of one of two values, ±μ|B|. Particles with positive (negative) energy are repelled by (attracted toward) increasing fields. Li and CaH can be laser-cooled to speeds of tens of m/s and the corresponding magnetic fields needed for transport and injection are on the order of 1 T. The stable stored state is the field-repelled state. Many concepts of accelerator physics apply to our neutral particles. The analog of charge-exchange injection into storage rings is laser-based optical pumping from a field-seeking state to a field-repelled state. The role of dipoles in charged-particle optics is played by quadrupoles in neutral particle optics, and the role of quadrupoles by sextupoles. We present our design and tracking results for a neutral atom/molecule accumulator including an injection chicane with a laser-stimulated state-flip.