Author: Coly, P.
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WEPPD016 Development of Glassy Carbon Blade for LHC Fast Vacuum Valve 2528
  • C. Garion, P. Coly
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  An unexpected gas inrush in a vacuum chamber leads to the development of a fast pressure wave. It carries small particles that can compromise the functioning of sensitive machine systems such as the RF cavities or kickers. In the LHC machine, it has been proposed to protect these equipments by the installation of fast vacuum valves. The main requirements for the fast valves and in particular for the blade are: fast closure in the 20 ms range, high transparency and melting temperature in case of closure with beam in, dust free material to not contaminate sensitive adjacent elements and last but not least vacuum compatibility and adequate leak tightness across the blade. In this paper, a design based on a vitreous carbon blade is proposed. The main reasons for this material choice are given. The mechanical study of the blade behaviour under dynamic forces is shown. Fabrication considerations are addressed as well. Tests on prototypes have been carried out on pendulum type fast valves developed for LEP. Results on glassy carbon blades are presented as well as the motion parameter measurements. Qualification of the material for UHV applications has been carried out.