Author: Bontoiu, C.     [Bonţoiu, C.]
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TUPPD008 Recent Progress Toward a Muon Recirculating Linear Accelerator 1422
  • K.B. Beard
    Muons, Inc, Batavia, USA
  • M. Aslaninejad, C. Bonţoiu, A. Kurup, J.K. Pozimski
    Imperial College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics, London, United Kingdom
  • S.A. Bogacz, V.S. Morozov, Y. Roblin
    JLAB, Newport News, Virginia, USA
  Both Neutrino Factories (NF) and Muon Colliders (MC) require very rapid acceleration due to the short lifetime of muons. After a capture and bunching section, a linac raises the energy to about 900 MeV, and is followed by one or more Recirculating Linear Accelerators (RLA), possibly followed by a Rapid Cycling Synchrotron (RCS) or Fixed-Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) ring. A RLA reuses the expensive RF linac section for a number of passes at the price of having to deal with different energies within the same linac. Various techniques including pulsed focusing quadrupoles, beta frequency beating, and multipass arcs have been investigated via simulations to improve the performance and reduce the cost of such RLAs.