Author: Bocian, D.
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THPPR036 Quench Limit Calculations for Steady State Heat Deposits in LHC Inner Triplet Magnets 4050
  • D. Bocian
    IFJ-PAN, Kraków, Poland
  • F. Cerutti, B. Dehning, A.P. Siemko
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  In hadron colliders such as the LHC, the energy deposited in the superconductors by the particles lost from the beams or coming from the collision debris may provoke quenches detrimental to the accelerator operation. A Network Model is used to simulate the thermodynamic behavior of the superconducting magnets. In previous papers the validations of network model with measurements performed in the CERN and Fermilab magnet test facilities were presented. This model was subsequently used for thermal analysis of the current LHC inner triplet quadrupole magnets for beam energy of 3.5 TeV and 7 TeV. The detailed study of helium cooling channels efficiency for energy deposits simulated with FLUKA is presented. Some conclusions are drawn on expected inner triplet magnets quench limit.