Author: Blell, U.
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THPPP001 High Intensity Intermediate Charge State Heavy Ions in Synchrotrons 3719
  • P.J. Spiller, U. Blell, L.H.J. Bozyk, H. Reich-Sprenger, J. Stadlmann
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Y. El-Hayek
    FIAS, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  In order to reach the desired FAIR intensities for heavy ions, SIS18 and SIS100 have to be operated with intermediate charge states. Operation with intermediate charge state heavy ions at the intensity level of about 1011 ions per cycle has never been demonstrated elsewhere and requires a dedicated machine design. After partially completing the upgrade program of SIS18, the number of intermediate charge state heavy ions accelerated to the FAIR booster energy of 200 MeV/u, could be increased by a factor of 70. The specific challenge for the SIS18 and SIS100 booster operation is the high cross section for ionization of the intermediate charge state heavy ions, in combination with gas desorption processes and the dynamic vacuum pressure. The achieved progress in minimizing the ionization beam loss underlines that the chosen technical strategies described in this report are appropriate. The latest intensity records and results from the machine development programs are presented.