Author: Bernigaud, V.
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THPPR025 Operational Efficiency of the AIRIX Accelerator Since its Commissioning 4017
  • H. Dzitko, V. Bernigaud, A. Georges, B. Gouin, G. Grandpierre, M. Mouillet
    CEA, Pontfaverger-Moronvilliers, France
  • L. Buche, Y. Collet, S. Combacon, G. Gobert, R. Nicolas, R. Reynaud
    CEA/DAM/DIF, Arpajon, France
  AIRIX is a high current (19 MeV, 2 kA) electron linear induction accelerator used as a 60 ns single shot X-ray source for hydrodynamic experiments. As single shot experiments are performed, the best performances and a high reliability level must be met for each experiment. This accelerator has been running for hydroshot experiments since 2000 and several thousands electron and X-ray beams have been produced so far. The functioning time of the AIRIX machine in the CEA/Moronvilliers test site is now coming to its end. From mid-2012, it will be then refurbished, dismounted and moved to another CEA test site. This paper draws up the report of AIRIX operations over this long eleven-year period. Maintenance policy, relative cost efficiency, reliability and performance results of the AIRIX accelerator over this period are dealt with and discussed.