Author: Bardorfer, A.
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WEPPP095 Digital Pulse Processor for High Demanding Synchrotron Spectroscopy 2929
  • S. Bucik, A. Bardorfer, B.B. Baricevic, R. Hrovatin, E. Janezic, B. Repič, D. Škvarč
    I-Tech, Solkan, Slovenia
  • M. Vencelj
    JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  The availability of brighter synchrotorn X-ray sources enable more complex experiments, such as 2D or 3D X-mapping. All the electrical signals generated in scmiconductive detectors are then processed and analysed by fast digital pulse processors (DPP). The poster presents the state of the art DPP currently in development by Instrumentation Technologies . We will discuss the signal transformation and processing from the detector preamplifier output to the final result: energy histogram and time stamped list mode. The signal processing chain starts with signal conditioning of the analog input signal. After the ADCs transformation, all the signal processing in the digital domain is done in FPGA. To each measured pulse a time-stamp is applied. Libera BASE FDK enables customer specific algorithms to be included in the FPGA.