Author: Balß, R.
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THPPC003 Development of a Broad-band Magnetic Alloy Cavity at GSI 3275
  • T.S. Mohite, U. Ratzinger
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • R. Balß, P. Hülsmann
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  FINEMET, a Magnetic Alloy material, is often used to build a broad-band cavity for an accelerator or a storage ring. A research on the broad-band FINEMET cavity is of prime importance not only for the present accelerator facility but also for the future storage rings and synchrotron in upcoming FAIR facility alongside the GSI, Darmstadt. In several measurements, high intensity rare-isotope beams, with lower life time, are demanded at injection energy in Experimental Storage Ring (ESR) at GSI. A longitudinal beam stacking of such beams by means of using a special barrier-bucket RF cavity is found appropriate to serve this purpose*. Additionally, this cavity is supposed to provide the compressed bunches at lower energies for HITRAP, an ion-trap facility for experiments with highly charged ions, in FAIR. Several measurements are being performed, along with the theoretical analysis, to achieve the designed parameters for the planned barrier-bucket cavity. 60 FINEMET ring cores have been tested to confirm their designed electrical properties. Some of these ring cores are then loaded, in steps, in a test cavity, which will further be used as the barrier-bucket cavity for the ESR.
* C. Dimopoulou et al., JACoW Proceedings of COOL 2007, Bad Kreuznach, Germany