Author: Abrams, R.J.
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MOPPD043 Novel Muon Beam Facilities for Project X at Fermilab 457
  • C.M. Ankenbrandt, R.J. Abrams, T.J. Roberts, C. Y. Yoshikawa
    Muons, Inc, Batavia, USA
  • D.V. Neuffer
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Innovative muon beam concepts for intensity-frontier experiments such as muon-to-electron conversion are described. Elaborating upon a previous single-beam idea, we have developed a design concept for a system to generate four high quality, low-energy muon beams (two of each sign) from a single beam of protons. As a first step, the production of pions by 1 and 3 GeV protons from the proposed Project X linac at Fermilab is being simulated and compared with the 8-GeV results from the previous study.  
TUPPD033 Conceptual Design of a Positron-annihilation System for Generation of Quasi-monochromatic Gamma Rays 1476
  • R.J. Abrams, C.M. Ankenbrandt, K.B. Beard, G. Flanagan, R.P. Johnson, C. Y. Yoshikawa
    Muons, Inc, Batavia, USA
  • A. Afanasev
    GWU, Washington, USA
  A conceptual design is presented for a system consisting of the following: an electron accelerator and production target to produce positrons, a dipole magnet and wedge to compress the positron momenta to be nearly monochromatic, a magnetic transport system to focus and direct the positrons to a converter, and a converter in which the positrons annihilate in flight to produce quasi-monochromatic gamma rays. The system represented is designed to produce ~10 MeV gammas, but it can also be designed for other energies.