Table of Sessions
MOO3 Opening session
MOK03 Keynote presentation
MOA3 Project status reports 1
MOB3 Project status reports 1
MOC3 Feedback systems, tuning
MOD3 Systems engineering, project management
MOM3 Mini orals with poster
MOPGF Poster session
TUK3 Keynote presentation
TUA3 Experiment control 1
TUB3 Experiment control 1
TUC3 Personal safety and machine protection
TUD3 Integrating complex or diverse systems
WEK3 Keynote presentation
WEA3 Software technology evolution
WEB3 Software technology evolution
WEC3 Timing and sync
WED3 Data management, analytics and visualisation
WEM3 Mini orals with poster
WEPGF Poster session
THK3 Keynote presentation
THHA2 Hardware Technology
THHA3 Experiment control 2
THHB2 Hardware Technology
THHB3 Experiment control 2
THHC2 Control system upgrades
THHC3 User interfaces and tools
THHD3 Control system infrastructure
THD3 Workshop summary
FRK3 Keynote presentation
FRA3 Project status reports 2
FRB3 Project status reports 2
FRX3 Closing remarks