Author: Zwicker, B.
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MOPC36 Test of a Non-Invasive Bunch Shape Monitor at GSI High Current LINAC 151
  • P. Forck, C. Dorn, O.K. Kester, P. Kowina, B. Zwicker
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • O.K. Kester
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  Funding: The work is funded by European Union FP7 within CRISP.
At the heavy ion LINAC at GSI, a novel scheme of non-invasive Bunch Shape Monitor has been tested with several ion beams at 11.4 MeV/u. The monitor’s principle is based on the analysis of secondary electrons as liberated from the residual gas by the beam impact. These electrons are accelerated by an electrostatic field, transported through a sophisticated electrostatic energy analyzer and an RF-deflector, acting as a time-to-space converter. Finally a MCP amplifies electrons and with a CCD camera the electron distribution is detected. For the applied beam settings this Bunch Shape Monitor is able to obtain longitudinal profiles down to a width of 400 ps with a resolution of 50 ps, corresponding to 2 degree of the 108 MHz accelerating frequency. Systematic parameter studies for the device were performed to demonstrate the applicability and to determine its resolution. The achievements and ongoing improvements for the monitor are discussed.
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