Author: Wychowaniak, J.
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TUPC36 First Realization and Performance Study of a Single-Shot Longitudinal Bunch Profile Monitor Utilizing a Transverse Deflecting Structure 456
  • M. Yan, C. Behrens, C. Gerth, R. Kammering, A. Langner, F. Obier, V. Rybnikov
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • J. Wychowaniak
    TUL-DMCS, Łódź, Poland
  For the control and optimization of electron beam parameters at modern free-electron lasers (FEL), transverse deflecting structures (TDS) in combination with imaging screens have been widely used as robust longitudinal diagnostics with single-shot capability, high resolution and large dynamic range. At the free-electron laser in Hamburg (FLASH), a longitudinal bunch profile monitor utilizing a TDS has been realized. In combined use with a fast kicker magnet and an off-axis imaging screen, selection and measurement of a single bunch out of the bunch train with bunch spacing down to 1us can be achieved without affecting the remaining bunches which continue to generate FEL radiation during user operation. Technical obstacles have been overcome such as suppression of coherent transition radiation from the imaging screen, the continuous image acquisition and processing with the bunch train repetition rate of 10Hz. The monitor, which provides the longitudinal bunch profile and length, has been used routinely at FLASH. In this paper, we present the setup and operation of the longitudinal bunch profile monitor as well as the performance during user operation.