Author: Szarmes, E.B.
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WEPF21 Scanning Wire Beam Position Monitor for Alignment of a High Brightness Inverse-Compton X-ray Source 856
  • M.R. Hadmack, E.B. Szarmes
    University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA
  Funding: US Department of Homeland Security DNDO ARI program GRANT NO. 2010-DN-077-ARI045-02
The Free-Electron Laser Laboratory at the University of Hawaii has constructed and tested a scanning wire beam position monitor to aid the alignment and optimization of a high spectral brightness inverse-Compton scattering X-ray source. X-rays are produced by colliding the 40 MeV electron beam from a pulsed S-band LINAC with infrared laser pulses from a mode-locked free-electron laser driven by the same electron beam. The electron and laser beams are focused to 60 micron diameters at the interaction point to achieve high scattering efficiency. This wire-scanner allows for high resolution measurements of the size and position of both the laser and electron beams at the interaction point to verify spatial coincidence. Time resolved measurements of secondary emission current allow us to monitor the transverse spatial evolution of the e-beam throughout the duration of a 4 microsecond macropulse while the laser is simultaneously profiled by pyrometer measurement of the occulted infrared beam. Using this apparatus we have demonstrated that the electron and laser beams can be co-aligned with a precision better than 10 microns as required to maximize X-ray yield.
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