Author: Shevelev, M.V.
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WEAL2 Extremely Low Emittance Beam Size Diagnostics with Sub-Micrometer Resolution Using Optical Transition Radiation 615
  • K.O. Kruchinin, S.T. Boogert, P. Karataev, L.J. Nevay
    Royal Holloway, University of London, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • A.S. Aryshev, M.V. Shevelev, N. Terunuma, J. Urakawa
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • B. Bolzon
    The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • B. Bolzon, T. Lefèvre, S. Mazzoni
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Transverse electron beam diagnostics is crucial for stable and reliable operation of the future electron-positron linear colliders such as CLIC or Higgs Factory. The-state-of-the-art in transverse beam diagnostics is based on the laser-wire technology. However, it requires a high power laser significantly increases the cost of the laser-wire system. Therefore, a simpler and relatively inexpensive method is required. A beam profile monitor based on Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) is very promising. The resolution of conventional OTR monitor is defined by a root-mean-square of the so-called Point Spread Function (PSF). In optical wavelength range the resolution is diffraction limited down to a few micrometers. However, in * we demonstrated that the OTR PSF has a structure which visibility can be used to monitor vertical beam size with sub-micrometer resolution. In this report we shall represent the recent experimental results of a micron-scale beam size measurement. We shall describe the entire method including calibration procedure, new analysis, and calculation of uncertainties. We shall discuss the hardware status and future plans.
* P. Karataev et al., Physical Review Letters 107, 174801 (2011).
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