Author: Seidel, P.
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TUPF32 A Cryogenic Current Comparator for FAIR with Improved Resolution 590
  • R. Geithner, W. Vodel
    HIJ, Jena, Germany
  • R. Geithner, R. Neubert, P. Seidel
    FSU Jena, Jena, Germany
  • F. Kurian, H. Reeg, M. Schwickert
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  A Cryogenic Current Comparator is a highly sensitive tool for the non-destructive online monitoring of continuous as well as bunched beams of very low intensities. The noise-limited current resolution of such a device depends on the ferromagnetic material embedded in the pickup coil of the CCC. Therefore, the main focus of research was on the low temperature properties of ferromagnetic core materials. In this contribution we present first results of the completed Cryogenic Current Comparator for FAIR working in a laboratory environment, regarding the improvements in resolution due to the use of suitable ferromagnetic core materials.  
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