Author: Mead, J.
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TUBL1 NSLS-II BPM and Fast Orbit Feedback System Design and Implementation 316
  • O. Singh, B. Bacha, A. Blednykh, W.X. Cheng, J.H. De Long, A.J. Della Penna, K. Ha, Y. Hu, B.N. Kosciuk, M.A. Maggipinto, J. Mead, D. Padrazo, I. Pinayev, Y. Tian, K. Vetter, L.-H. Yu
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  The National Synchrotron Light Source II is a third generation light source under construction at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The project includes a highly optimized, ultra-low emittance, 3 GeV electron storage ring, linac pre-injector and full energy booster synchrotron. The low emittance requires high performance beam position monitor systems, providing measurement to better than 200 nm resolution; and fast orbit feedback systems, holding orbit to similar level of orbit deviations. The NSLS-II storage ring has 30 cells, each deploying up to 8 RF BPMs and 3 fast weak correctors. Each cell consists of a "cell controller", providing fast orbit feedback system infrastructure. This paper will provide a description of system design and summarize the implementation and status for these systems.  
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