Author: Martinez Fresno, L.M.
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MOPC12 Development of the New Electronic Instrumentation for the LIPAc/IFMIF Beam Position Monitors 71
  • A. Guirao, D. Jimenez, L.M. Martinez Fresno, J. Molla, I. Podadera
    CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
  Funding: Work partially supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation under project AIC10-A-000441 and AIC-A-2011-0654.
Among all the LIPAc/IFMIF accelerator diagnostics instrumentation, the Beam Position Monitors are a cornerstone for its operation. A new approach for the LIPAc/IFMIF beam position monitors acquisition electronics is proposed for the twenty BPM stations distributed along the accelerator. The new system under development is a fully digital instrumentation which incorporates automatic calibration of the monitors' signals and allows monitoring of both fundamental and second signal harmonics. The current state of the development and first experimental results of the system on the test bench will be presented.