Author: Marteau, F.
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WECL2 Radiation Damages and Characterization in the SOLEIL Storage Ring 644
  • N. Hubert, P. Brunelle, N. Béchu, L. Cassinari, C. Herbeaux, S. Hustache, J.-F. Lamarre, P. Lebasque, F. Marteau, A. Nadji, L.S. Nadolski
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  After six years of operation, equipment located close to some vacuum chambers of the SOLEIL storage ring show unexpected damages due to radiation. It has been pointed out that, inside the so called “quadrupole” vacuum chambers, fluorescence X-rays are emitted by the materials that intercept upstream dipole synchrotron radiation. The energy of the emitted X-ray is too high to be significantly attenuated by the aluminum of which the vacuum chamber is made. Diagnostics and means used to characterize this radiation are presented, and measurements are compared to calculations.  
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