Author: Joly, B.
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WEPC33 Upgrade of Beam Phase Monitors for the ESRF Injector and Storage Ring 757
  • K.B. Scheidt, B. Joly
    ESRF, Grenoble, France
  The measurement of the phase relation between the stored beam in the Storage Ring and the beam circulating in the Booster Synchrotron is now done with high precision and at high speed using a single unit of commercial BPM electronics. The quadrature demodulation, driven by a common PLL, done in these digital electronics on each of its four RF input channels makes the relative measurement of the I/Q components, hence phase relation, easy and strait forward. The RF signals of the relatively low current Booster come from two stripline outputs while that of the Storage Ring from two small BPM buttons. Treating simultaneously four signals, thus with a redundancy of two to measure the phase between two sources, allows to perform intrinsic shot-to-shot cross verifications on resolution and reproducibility. The long-term stability of this device has also been successfully assessed by independent verifications against time and temperature drifts. An identical unit has now been added for phase measurements between the Storage Ring beam and the RF cavity signals. Results with beam and assessment of its scope of performance will be presented on both systems.  
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