Author: Gilevich, S.
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TUPC05 Laser and Photocathode Gun Instrumentation for the ASTA Accelerator Test Stand at SLAC 357
  • J. Sheppard, W.J. Corbett, S. Gilevich, E.N. Jongewaard, J.R. Lewandowski, P. Stefan, T. Vecchione, S.P. Weathersby, F. Zhou
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  An accelerator test stand has been constructed at SLAC to characterize laser-assisted photocathode processing, electron beam emission physics and front-end rf gun performance. The objective of the research program is to identify definitive ‘recipes’ for high-reliability cathode preparation resulting in high quantum efficiency and low beam emittance. In this paper we report on timing, optics and instrumentation for the Ti:Sapphire drive laser, diagnostics for the 1.6 cell photocathode gun and instrumentation for the resulting electron beam. The latter include a Faraday cup charge monitor, scintillator screen beam imaging for direct emittance measurements, and high-resolution imaging of the photocathode surface to diagnose the impact of laser processing for enhanced quantum efficiency.