Author: Gavrilov, S.A.
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TUPF16 Analysis of Measurement Errors of INR Linac Ionization Beam Cross Section Monitor 535
  • S.A. Gavrilov, A. Feschenko, P.I. Reinhardt-Nickoulin, I.V. Vasilyev
    RAS/INR, Moscow, Russia
  • A. Feschenko, S.A. Gavrilov
    MIPT, Dolgoprudniy, Moscow Region, Russia
  Residual gas ionization beam cross section monitors (BCSM) are installed at LEBT and HEBT of INR RAS proton linac to measure cross section, profiles and position of the beam. BCSMs provide two-dimensional non-destructive real-time beam diagnostics at LINAC operation with repetition frequency from 1 to 50 Hz, pulses duration from 0.3 to 170 μs and wide range of amplitudes, particle energy 400 keV and 209 MeV. The analysis of systematic measurements errors (accuracy) because of nonuniform electrostatic fields, determined by BCSM design features, is presented. New detector model, minimizing these nonuniformities, is shown. Besides that, the analysis of statistical errors (precision) due to the method features, in particular, ions thermal motion and a beam space charge, is done. The simulation results make it possible to estimate measured cross sections size, profiles and beam positions and to draw conclusions about the reliability of BCSM results for beams with various parameters.