Author: Evans, L.R.
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Where Are We Going in the Field of High Energy Accelerators ?  
  • S. Stapnes, L.R. Evans
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The future of particle physics is closely linked to future high energy accelerators. The Higgs discovery and searches for possible beyond the Standard Model phenomena create new challenges for the field. High energy hadrons colliders, ILC or CLIC as linear colliders and neutrino facilities are all be considered - as well as other facilities. The European Strategy for Particle Physics was updated and approved this year. First results from the LHC are available but by 2015-16 LHC running at 14 TeV can open more windows to new physics. What are the scenarios and the decision processes for construction of these new facilities? For this conference a central question is also; what will be their fundamental requirements for beam instrumentation ?  
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