Author: Bozyk, L.H.J.
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TUPC46 Beam Loss Monitoring Study for SIS100@FAIR 485
  • V.S. Lavrik, L.H.J. Bozyk, O.K. Kester, A. Reiter
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • O.K. Kester, V.S. Lavrik
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  FAIR, the facility for antiproton and ion research, is a multi-disciplinary accelerator facility which will extend the existing GSI complex in Darmstadt, Germany. In the FAIR start version, the new synchrotron SIS100 will provide proton or heavy ion beams for a variety of experiments. The GSI synchrotron SIS18 will operate as injector for SIS100. The current study focuses on beam loss measurements for SIS18 and SIS100. The aim of this study is to find quantitative methods to measure beam losses around the machine, mainly SIS100, on an absolute scale. The contribution will present results of two pilot experiments carried out in the high-energy beam lines and at the SIS18 with Uranium ions in the energy range up to 900 MeV/u. In the first experiment the Uranium beam was totally stopped in a Copper target and the particle shower measured with LHC-type ionization chambers. In the second experiment, the beam was slowly excited in the SIS18 synchrotron to create controlled losses on a scraper which were monitored by the DC current transformer and beam loss monitors. Experimental data are compared against the predictions of Fluka simulations.  
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