Author: Boyes, M.
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MOPC41 Engineering Design of the New LCLS X-band Transverse Deflecting Cavity 167
  • P. Krejcik, E.L. Bong, M. Boyes, S. Condamoor, J.P. Eichner, G.L. Gassner, A.A. Haase, B. Hong, B. Morris, J.J. Olsen, D.W. Sprehn, J.W. Wang
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: This work was supported by Department of Energy Contract No. DE-AC0276SF00515
This paper describes the engineering design and installation of the new X-band transverse deflecting cavity installed downstream of the FEL undulator at the LCLS. This is a companion submission to the paper “Commissioning the New LCLS X-Band Transverse Deflecting Cavity with Femtosecond Resolution” also presented at this conference. The project dealt with the challenge of installing a new high-power RF system in the undulator tunnel of the LCLS, outside of the linac tunnel itself and its accelerator engineering infrastructure. A description of the system design, installation, alignment, cooling, controls, vacuum, waveguide, low level RF, klystron and modulator systems for the XTCAV is given, with emphasis on achieving the performance goals necessary to achieve femtosecond resolution.