Author: Weightman, P.
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TUP015 Status of the ALICE IR-FEL: from ERL Demonstrator to User Facility 379
  • N. Thompson, J.A. Clarke, D.J. Dunning, A.J. Moss, Y.M. Saveliev, M. Surman
    STFC/DL/ASTeC, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • T. Craig, M.R.F. Siggel-King, P. Weightman
    The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • O.V. Kolosov, P.D. Tovee
    Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • M.R.F. Siggel-King
    Cockcroft Institute, Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  The ALICE (Accelerators and Lasers In Combined Experiments) accelerator at STFC Daresbury Laboratory in the UK was conceived in 2003 and constructed as a short-term Energy Recovery Linac demonstrator to develop the underpinning technology and expertise required for a proposed 600MeV ERL-based FEL facility. In this paper we present an update on the performance and status of ALICE which now operates as a funded IR-FEL user facility. We discuss the challenges of evolving a short-term demonstrator into a stable, reliable user facility and present a summary of the current scientific programme.  
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