Author: Shevelev, M.
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TUP080 Terahertz Source Utilizing Resonant Coherent Diffraction Radiation at KEK ERL Test Accelerator 547
  • Y. Honda, A. Aryshev, M. Shevelev, M. Shimada
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  An energy recovery linac test accelerator, cERL, has been developing at KEK. It can produce a high repetition rate short bunched electron beam in a continuous operation mode. We propose to develop a high power THz radiation source at the return loop of the cERL. Coherent diffraction radiation of THz regime is emitted when an electron bunch passes through a conductive mirror with a beam hole at the center. If we form an optical cavity using two mirrors facing each other and the cavity length coincides with the bunch repetition rate, the coherent diffraction radiation of multiple bunches adds up coherently in the cavity. By extracting the power through transmission of one of the mirrors, we can realize a high power and high efficiency THz source. We discuss performance of the source assuming the beam parameters of cERL.  
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