Author: Potylitsyn, A.
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WEP087 Smith-Purcell Radiation from Microbunched Beams Modulated after Passing the Undulators in FELs 752
  • A. Potylitsyn
    TPU, Tomsk, Russia
  • D.Yu. Sergeeva, M.N. Strikhanov, A.A. Tishchenko
    MEPhI, Moscow, Russia
  We suggest using the Smith-Purcell effect from microbunched beams modulated after passing the undulators in FELs as an extra source of monochromatic radiation. We investigate theoretically characteristics of Smith-Purcell radiation in THz and X-ray frequency regions for two types of distribution of the particles in the beam. The expression for spectral-angular distribution of such radiation is obtained and analyzed, both for fully and partially modulated beams. The intensity of Smith-Purcell radiation is shown to be able to increase both due to the periodicity of the beam and the periodicity of the target. The numerical results prove that such radiation source can be an effective instrument for different FEL users, supplementary for the main FEL source.  
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