Author: Park, Y.J.
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MOP029 PAL XFEL Pulse Modulator System Test Results Using a High Precision CCPS 89
  • S.H. Kim, H.-S. Kang, G.H. Kim, I.S. Ko, S.J. Kwon, H.-S. Lee, S.S. Park, Y.J. Park
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  • M.-H. Cho
    POSTECH, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  • K.Y. Jang, H.S. Shin
    POSCO ICT, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • D.S. Kim, S.Y. Lee, M. Seo
    Dawonsys, Siheung-City, Republic of Korea
  PAL XFEL is supposed to install 51 units of the pulse modulator power supplies for a 10-GeV linear accelerator using S-band (2856 MHz) cavities. The requirements of the modulator stability really become very tight. The stability on beam voltage is required to be less than 50 ppm. In order to obtain the high precision stability from the modulator system, we have newly produced a capacitor charging power supply (CCPS) and obtained the target stability with 10 ppm (STD) accuracy from measuring PFN (Pulse Forming Network). The CCPS generates a maximum output voltage of 50 kV at average current of 2.4 A with 4 units of the CCPS. The modulator peak output capacity is 400 kV, 500 A and 7.5 us at a pulse repetition rate of 60 pps using CCPS, a modified type-E PFN, and a pulse transformer. In this paper, the test results of the modulator system will be described.  
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