Author: Jo, J.S.
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WEP082 High-Power Ultrashort Terahertz Pulses generated by a Multi-foil Radiator with Laser-Accelerated Electron Pulses 739
  • J.S. Jo, B.A. Gudkov, Y.U. Jeong, H.N. Kim, K.N. Kim, K. Lee, S.V. Miginsky, S. H. Park, W.J. Ryu, N. Vinokurov
    KAERI, Daejon, Republic of Korea
  • B.A. Gudkov, S.V. Miginsky, N. Vinokurov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  Terahertz (THz) wave is an attractive source for a variety of research including imaging, spectroscopy, security, etc. We proposed a new scheme of high-power and ultrashort THz generation by using the coherent transition radiation from a cone-shaped multi-foil radiator [*] and a rectangle-shaped multi-foil radiator. To perform the proof-of-principle of the multi-foil THz radiator, we used 80~100 MeV electron bunches from laser-plasma acceleration. While a cone-shaped multi-foil radiator has a circular polarization with a conic wave, we made a rectangle-shaped multi-foil radiator that has a linear polarization in a plane-like wave, which can be used more widely for various applications. We can easily control the power of multi-foil radiator by adjusting the number of foils. We compare the THz power ratio between 1 sheet and multi sheets using cooled bolometer. We will measure the pulse duration and bandwidth of the THz wave from the multi-foil radiators in a single-shot by using electro-optic sampling and cross-correlation method.
* Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 064805.
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