Author: Grünert, J.
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WED03 Photon Diagnostics and Photon Beamlines Installations at the European XFEL 764
  • J. Grünert, B. Baranasic, J. Buck, F. Dietrich, M. Dommach, W. Freund, A. Koch, N.G. Kujala, J. Liu, S. Molodtsov, M. Planas, H. Sinn
    XFEL. EU, Hamburg, Germany
  The European X-ray Free-Electron-Laser (XFEL. EU) is a new a 4th generation light facility which will deliver radiation with femtosecond and sub-Ångström resolution at MHz repetition rates, and is currently under construction in the Hamburg metropolitan area in Germany. Special diagnostics [1,2] for spontaneous radiation analysis is required to tune towards the lasing condition. Once lasing is achieved, diagnostic imagers [3], online monitors [4], and the photon beam transport system [5] need to cope with extreme radiation intensities. In 2015 the installation of machine equipment in the photon area of the facility is in full swing. This contribution presents the progress on final assemblies of photon diagnostics, the installation status of these devices as well as of the beam transport system, and recent design developments for diagnostic spectrometers and temporal diagnostics.
[1] J. Grünert, XFEL. EU TR-2012-003(2012)
[2] W. Freund, XFEL. EU TN-2014-001-01(2014)
[3] A. Koch, Proc. SPIE 95121R(2015)
[4] J. Buck et al., Proc. SPIE 85040U(2012)
[5] H. Sinn et al., XFEL. EU TR-2012-006(2012)
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