Author: Zhang, W.
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MOP070 Design Study for the PEHG Experiment at SDUV-FEL 219
  • C. Feng, H.X. Deng, B. Liu, D. Wang, X.T. Wang, M. Zhang, T. Zhang, W. Zhang, Z.T. Zhao
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Funding: This work was partially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (11475250, 11175240 and 11205234)
In this paper, design studies for the proof-of-principle experiment of the recently proposed phase-merging enhanced harmonic generation (PEHG) mechanism are presented. A dogleg and a new designed transverse gradient undulator should be added in the undulator system of SDUV-FEL to perform the phase-merging effect. With the help of 3D simulation codes, we show the possible performance of PEHG with the realistic parameters of SDUV-FEL.
* H. Deng, C. Feng, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 084801.
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