Author: Xu, G.
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THC03 Suppression of the CSR-induced Emittance Growth in Achromats using Two-dimensional point-kick Analysis 976
  • Y. Jiao, X. Cui, X.Y. Huang, G. Xu
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) effect causes transverse emittance dilution in high-brightness light sources and linear colliders. Suppression of the emittance growth induced by CSR is essential and critical to preserve the beam quality and to help improve the machine performance. To evaluate the CSR effect analytically, we propose a novel method, named “two-dimensional point-kick analysis”. In this method, the CSR-induced emittance growth in an n-dipole achromat can be evaluated with the analysis of only the motion of particle in (x, x') two-dimensional plane with n-point kicks, which can be, to a large extent, counted separately. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this method, the CSR effect in a two-diople achromat and a symmetric TBA is studied, and generic conditions of suppressing the CSR-induced emittance growth, which are independent of concrete element parameters and are robust against the variation of initial beam distribution, are found. These conditions are verified with the ELEGANT simulations and can be rather easily applied to real machines.  
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